Banana Hill presents Quantic at Soup Kitchen

A lot of the music I like come from the soundtrack of films I like, which has led me to discovering all sorts of songs, and my Spotify playlist to being very random. From Shantel, whom I first heard of in Fatih Akin’s Soul Kitchen, to Lila Downs, first heard in Frida, my fondness for eclectic films is reflected through my taste in music. When I went to see Jon Favreau’s Chef back in June, the only thing that distracted me from the amazing food in this feel-good film was the music, and after some research on Spotify I came across Quantic, aka Will Holland, a British musician established in Colombia. Not only did I love Mi Swing es Tropical, featured in the film, but also pretty much every song that came up in the playlist. With a mix of Latino sounds, Klezmer themes, soul, and funk, Quantic’s music is literally everything I like, all in one. He also did some excellent collabs with artists like the beautiful Alice Russell, and Colombian singer Nidia Gongora.

I had been keeping an eye out for the possibility of him coming on tour to the UK/Europe for quite some time, but as I was starting to lose hope, ta-dah!, he was coming to Soup Kitchen for a gig in February. Now, the tricky part was convincing my friends to come along, as they were all busy/had never heard of him (they all missed out big time, too bad!). I ended up going with my usual partner in crime Mike, and his friend. And so the three of us found ourselves in the nearly empty basement of SK at half 11. Blame it on me, I was so keen that we went a bit too early, but at least we didn’t queue! Quantic wasn’t on until 12, but by that time the place was rammed with a very hipster crowd, and the atmosphere became a bit merrier. After three hours of frantic dancing (sums up pretty well my dance moves, which are… errm… interesting), I felt like I had run a marathon but could have easily gone on for another few hours, it was just too good. Needless to say I was really pleased when some of my favourite tracks came up: Cumbia Sobre el Mar, Somebodys Gonna Love You, Transatlantic, Sol Clap, among others.

It was an excellent night, and if I could I’d go back tomorrow. Although the basement of SK was really full and got horrendously warm, which was not helped by the fact that the cloakroom was closed, I truly enjoyed it. The atmosphere was excellent, the music was outstanding, and we had an awful lot of fun. Check out Quantic’s Soundcloud and let me know what you think!


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